Manifesting is Real w/ Camille Rivera Roa (WBDP 47)

Camille Rivera Roa joins us today to talk so many topics from cleaning up an oil spill to becoming a National Geographic explorer, love languages, manifesting, destiny and tips for becoming what you want to become. If you want to learn about what she does or get directly involved with her NGO work you can head over to


00:26 – intro, Michael went to the Philippines for Camilles wedding

02:03 – San Miguel Oil spill cleanup

09:24 – what stage is the cleanup in now? What does the timeline for a return to “normalcy” look like?

11:15 – How did your NGO start doing cleanups?

14:11 – How do you multitask?

18:19 – Minecraft, tell us about your experience integrating mangrove lessons into Minecraft

23:16 – Explain how your journey into landing your National geographic opportunity

32:35 – Are you still the same Camille from the mountains of Bukidnon?

35:37 – What are some tips you have for people to get the most out of their experience at a conference or networking event?

40:37 – What do you do to make a good impression when you meet a hero of yours?

43:35 – Let’s talk marriage, how has this changed your perspective on life, work and the way you see yourself?

51:05 – How do you define love? What is love to you?

58:10 – Do you believe in destiny?

1:04:00 — << check out Camilles NGO, opportunities are here for interning and volunteering

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Camille Rivera is a marine conservationist from the Philippines. She is the director and co-founder of Oceanus Conservation, ( an environmental organization working on protecting mangroves and other coastal habitats for Filipino communities and wildlife! check out their instagram: Mangroves for our future (” 

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