Wade on Monkeys, Scorpions, Chopsticks and Love – (WBDP 5)

Almost a decade ago, Wade Million got up from his desk job and left to see the world. Here’s a conversation and a peek into some of the adventures and insights that he gained during his travels. As always, you can find the goodies at  https://wobistdude.com/.To see some of Wade’s amazing photography go to  http://www.blueramble.com

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0:30 – Intro

0:50 – What Wade was doing before he left to see the world

3:18 – Teaching English Abroad

6:15 – China

9:00 – How to chopsticks (culinary adventures)

10:35 – How do families and people relate to each other where you were staying?

12:30 – The Chinese version of Facebook, government controlled web searches and social media

15:15 – Discussing the current Chinese public rating system

17:00 – Going all in, selling all your stuff and living out of a backpack

18:00 – Finding a purpose while traveling

20:20 – The Geese population is exploding, wade is here to help

27:39 – Black Crested Macaques in Indonesia

35:19 – Which parts of travel are over romanticized?

37:00 – Unexpected parts of travel 

38:56 – What’s it like to date people when you are not tied down to any physical location? 

42:00 – Settling down, building a homebase

44:00 – Wade’s spirit animal

44:45 – What is one thing you will not eat and why won’t you eat it?

46:00 – Recommend a book to us

49:55 – Rob a bank, pick 3 people for your team

Banner image is used with expressed written permission from http://www.blueramble.com

wade climbing

Wade is a travel photographer turned grad student living in Munich. Having survived 5 years living out of a backpack, he now spends his time stressing out over his thesis and keeping geese from eating the world’s food supply.

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