WoBistDude is a place to satisfy curiosity, foster creativity and establish meaningful connection.

This is a global network of individuals who answer the challenge of shallow social media exchange with collaborative content creation and open-mindedness in interaction.

This is no place to brag about a startup, job or position in life but rather a way to be open, vulnerable and free in expression! We want people to have fun while creating and sharing.

WoBistDude is a pun of the german phrase “wo bist du?” — which means “where are you?”

People seldom use social media in a way which addresses the how and why of what we do. We want to explore this “how and why” to bridge the gap between people.

Online content is our vessel: This is a multi-media site with articles, interviews, videos, poetry and podcasts. The methods may change but our mission of connecting people through creation will continue to guide us.

Disclaimer: The content generated by the contributors on this website do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the contributor’s employers