A Song of Senses

– I am not sure how to describe my motivation for this one. I  recall things of note from memory, select a category, in this case, our 5 Senses. I think it all comes from memories in the current and all my past lives, for those who believe in such a thing-

“I hear a song playing from a record,
A record lost, a record that broke.
I feel the flames coming from a fire,
A fire so raw but I see no smoke.

I hear the subtle dance of streams,
Through barren lands, valleys once alive.
I hear joy in the voices of Spring,
Sleeping beauties, that rains revive.

I see myself drifting between seasons,
Seasons that have come and gone.
I feel their pull on me ever so strong,
Into their open arms I am forever drawn.

I smell the sweetness of a scent,
A scent from the depths of recollection.
I give up the fight, I let it conquer me,
And take me down the path of resurrection.

I hear rain drops falling on leaves,
Crumbling leaves on the cusp of Fall.
I see earth littered with remnants of trees,
Trees that once made the world feel small.

I hear shots ringing from guns,
Guns of the past, guns that never fired.
I see time running away from me,
I try to catch up, but i’m getting tired.

I taste the sweet bliss in simply living,
But also the bitter truth of this life.
For it takes just one to start a fire,
Yet too many must pay to end the strife.

It is from nothing that we are something,
Yet there is still so much more to be.
To smell, to taste, to hear and to feel,
The world is open to us, just see it as I see.”

A. Kotru

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