The State That I’m In

I started telling her my backstory. How I stumbled into this industry from a double liberal arts degree. How I moved to California on a whim, because of some obtuse connection between a tech company and a hidden strand of thematic pulp from my Honors Thesis. How I still loved California, had a lease on an apartment, and really missed being in a place where the concept of a burrito had been fully fleshed out, deconstructed, and rebuilt anew. I told her about how I was only supposed to be in Dublin for 1 year, and then – “You met a girl,” she interjected.

Cooling Tower

The end of October is a pretty shite time to be living in Ireland. The 29th rolls around, and the clocks change. Suddenly you’re waking up in the darkness and leaving work in the darkness. Every other day, it’s “pissin’ rain”, and the sun seems to have taken paid leave with a note scrawled in…