About a Doc: Behind the Scenes of Bayani

In 2019 Justin Davey and Michael Du traveled to the Philippines to document ocean sustainability efforts. They met with professionals in marine conservation, tourism, water treatment and water sports to get an inside look at the unique challenges and joys tied to Pinoy ocean life.

This is a 7 part mini-series providing a behind-the-scenes look into the adventures and conversations that took place during the filming of the Bayani Documentary.

Justin Davey is a self-taught filmmaker/surf photographer with a background in tech, politics and environmentalism focused on creating a niche clothing brand in 2020. Check out Justin’s work.

Justin Contributed: Montana Divided: A Climate Change Story

WoBistDude Michael Du

Michael Du is a marketer & videographer living and working in Munich. He has a love for cooking, combat sports, the environment and bringing people together. He created the WoBistDude website to explore the lives of others and to give people a space to express themselves.

Michael Contributed: 10k day, 3rd culture kids podcast, Munich Climate Strike

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