Steve Shimchick on Exploring Italy & an Upcoming UK Tour (WBDP 39)

Steve joins us after spending time exploring Italy. He chats with Michael on culture differences and an upcoming Tour in the UK. The band Cold Weather Company will be performing with Bouchard Brothers from Blue Oyster Cult and Firewoodisland. Find out more at

(Photo Credit – Harlen Cruz on Instagram @harlenlc)


00:33 – Just returned from Italy

03:25 – What cities/ places did you visit?

06:45 – Life updates from Michael, leaving current job, summer of freedom/ travel lined up

08:12 – Did you find love?

12:31 – Having time after being in highschool or college to travel and meet people, expectations from society to do this or that

22:22 – Walking the “Path of Gods”

25:08 – NJ Transit vs. public transport in several European countries

26:18 – What is Michael’s typical routine ( at time of recording podcast)

30:57 – Did you get to interact with any local music scenes while in Italy?

39:00 – reflections on our joint cooking stream

44:00 – Sky rats and squirrels

45:00 – Did you take anything with you that you will continue on doing?

47:24 – Song from cinema pardiso

49:00 – Ludovico Einaudi

50:10 – Tour dates – August 9th in Glasgow, 10th in Edinburgh, 11 Blackpool , 12 London, 14th Nuneaton, 15th Hull, 16th tbd, 17 Newcastle, 18th in Stoke , 19th in Bristol (go to for more details)

51:30 – recommendations for an intro for this podcast?

53:30 – If you have suggestions for an intro or outro for the podcast send Michael a DM!

55:29 – Using your FM radio voice from Rutgers Radio

Steve Shimchick is the singer & pianist for the New Jersey-based, independent alternative folk band Cold Weather Company (along with Brian and Jeff).

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