Community Building and Design w/ Anna Davydov (WBDP 42)

Today we are joined by Anna Davydov who joins us to discuss the creation of OLIM Designers, a Russian speaking design community in Israel with 900+ members. Anna talks about the creation of this group and also poses several questions for Michael on his approach to podcasting and making WoBistDude. Find out more about OLIM Designers at

insta @olimdesigners

Show notes

02:15 – OLIM Designers, a new space in Israel for the Russian-speaking design community, for design topics but also helping new immigrants adjust to life in the country

05:55 – discussing the first OLIM Designers physical meeting

08:05 – Exchange on having different people involved in building a community

9:53 – Questions for Michael, how do you motivate people involved and motivate yourself? (how did the platform develop over the past 2-3 years)

12:18 – How do you do outreach for podcasts or interviews? (for Michael)

17:37 – How does Michael go about producing the podcasts for WoBistDude

22:10 – Episode duration tips

24:35 – Gauging people’s interest in topics & speakers

28:02 – How can you get your interviewees more engaged and open to sharing things (for Michael)?

32:40 – Could you tell us about Lottie files and what you discussed with them?

36:27 – what are some resources that people could use to get an introduction to some design thinking concepts? (GO THERE AND DO IT, its much easier to learn design by trying it out), ,

40:27 – Could you share a principle that you have been implementing in your design work over the past year or two that have been helpful?

43:00 – What do you draw inspiration from?

45:46 – Can you share something that you’ve eaten recently that you enjoyed?

48:38 — Wrap up

Anna Davydov – ” I’m Anna, graphic and motion marketing designer based in Israel. LottieFiles evangelist and painting lover :)”

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