Water Management, Mongolia & Weird Questions w/ Bolor Dorjderem (WBDP 43)

Today Bolor Dorjderem joins us to discuss her personal experience with COVID-19 in Mongolia, career & life changes, water resource management, Mongolian culture, musical talents, social media, hypothetical robot dates and all things in between.


00:42 – Last time we saw or heard from you, you were inside a quarantine facility, how has life changed for you since then?

03:32 – French expat goes from being hated by 3 million people to saying goodbye as friends. Nicknamed “the first and last born child”

05:57 – Returning to Mongolia after the Master’s program

10:30 – Career moves, 2030 water resources group, and what you and your team are engaged in

13:18 – what kind of goals and challenges does Mongolia have regarding the management of its water resources?

14:14— mining contributes a significant portion of Mongolia’s national GDP (over 70%)

19:42 – Culture in Mongolia, what are typical stereotypes that are outdated and what are some aspects of the culture that you hold dear? (horse riding, vast open fields, Ghengis Kahn, Motorbikes replacing horses in some places to manage cattle, nomadic lifestyle)

24:53 – Fermented milk (Ayrag) discussion and Naadam, the traditional festival in Mongolia with wrestling, horse racing and archery

27:07 – Exploring Bolor’s musical talents (keyboards and drums)

29:44 – Bolor’s Youtube channel, Bolor is no longer interested in doing youtube for the near future. But we also discussed a filmed, fluffy bunny challenge from the past.

31:49 – What direction would Michael go if he started youtubing?

34:06 – Behind the scenes of Michael’s Instagram life

37:19 – Social media & online platforms even with all the harms that we are aware of can also be a great tool for catching up and connecting with people, Covid helped to reveal a bit of this.

38:32 – Would you let your child date a robot?

40:37 – Where would you hide a paperclip-sized object in the building that you are in?

43:26 – Did you choose to match the pink background on zoom with your nails and hair? (being in hometown and a reflection about being on vacation)

I’m Bolor Dorjderem. I’ve Lived and studied in Russia, Germany, Mexico. Aside from studying, I’m trying to reach more young people in Mongolia to share ideas about sustainability and climate science in a way that is easy-to-understand. At this moment I am trying to find my passion or focus since I love to try out so many different things. But no matter where, with whom, and on what job I will end up, will remain as a nomad girl from the vast and wild valleys of Mongolia.

Bolor has contributed: Travel and Study, Busy in Mexico, Forced quarantine in Mongolia

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